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How to Make Videos Like Tasty

This is a step-by-step guide to how to great videos like Tasty.

I think the same result can be achieved with a later iPhone model, however, lighting and stage are very important. Here is a quick DIY on how to build an overhead camera rig. We can apply the same principle to for iPhone camera rig.

Step One: Shoot Small Clips with iPhone.

When shooting with an iPhone make sure to make short tutorial-style video clips.

In the post-production side, I use a web-based app called Blurbiz. You as also use After Effects but it takes a bit longer.

Step Two: Create a project on Blurbiz and Upload your Clips.

Login Blurbiz, Create a project, Upload your short video clips on to the platform.

Note: You can save and upload videos from these other platforms, Like Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.

Step Three: Arrange your video clips in the order you want them to play.

Arrange your video clips in the order you want them to play. the cool thing is that you can also mash content to gather like GIF’s, Images and Videos together to create one seamless video.

Step Four: Add Text and Resize to fit Square Frame

Edit the video that you have UploadedResize it down to fit into a square frame, Add Text.

Step Five: Speed up your Videos.

Speed up normal videos to create a short video that might otherwise take a long time to watch.

Step Six: Add Background Music.

Add Background music from our library or upload your own. You can also use sites like.

Note : Make sure videos are short normally under 1 minute.

Step Seven: Share your Video

Share your video on Facebook and see how it performs with your audience! Test to see what works best for your fans and watch your audience grow in no time.

Note : You can also share your video on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Whala! here is the Final Video.